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Hi I'm Marci and i'm willing to lose... just watch me!

I feel like I have bugs crawling on me!!! I was bathing the baby and when I reached into the cabinet for shampoo I noticed a little spider that looked so much like a brown widow. Well, it was a baby brown widow. Now I can’t deal. I feel like these damn spiders will take over while I’m sleeping. I’m calling the exterminator first thing tomorrow!!!!!

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I’m in love #dinner 🍕🙌😎

I’m in love #dinner 🍕🙌😎

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Just got back from H&M and basically have to return all of the boys clothing because a.) everything was huge on Enzo and b.) everything was too tight on Owen.

I should have just tried it on them in store but let’s be real, it’s easier to just return items than deal with that mid afternoon shitshow. Ugh. I got Owen the cutest red pants too.

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I have this big urge to upcycle my clothes. I don’t really want to go shopping for new clothes (I know, what’s wrong with me). It’s just really hard to do the alterations on myself so I’m looking for a dress form or possibly making my own.

I think I’m going to challenge myself to transform 5 items in my closet. I will be blogging about it on my other blog

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do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

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Oh just a giant brown widow spider and it’s egg sacs under the kids slide.  #ahhhhhhhh

Oh just a giant brown widow spider and it’s egg sacs under the kids slide. #ahhhhhhhh

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I am a pretty patient person but if there is one thing I will lose my shit over almost instantly it’s my computer/internet being slow my tolerance level is exactly 0 for that shit man I did my time in the 90’s/2000’s I don’t need any of this garbage

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when u wanna watch Netflix but there’s nothing 2 watch so u just kinda sit there looking like a confused ostrich

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can you illegally download sleep

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